Bargain Desks! We generally have a few desks that are priced lower than the one's above. They are more worn but work fine.

ONLY $70-$100 ea!!

3 Matching Cherry Alera Desk Sets!

ONLY $350 ea set!!

10 Matching Cherry Skinny Desks!

ONLY $120 ea!!

Kimball Walnut Executive Desk & Credenza Set!

ONLY $250 for set!!

10 Matching Kimball Walnut Executive Desks!

ONLY $150 ea!!

4 Matching National Mahogany Desks!

ONLY $200 ea!!

NICE Executive Desk & Credena Set!!

ONLY $350 for set!!

Mahogany Traditional Skinny Desk!

ONLY $200!!

Robinho​od Office

2 Matching Mahogany Traditional Desk & Credenza Sets!!!

ONLY $200 ea set!!

National Mahogany Skinny Desk w/ Hutch!

ONLY $200!!

Vinatge Mahogany Desk!

ONLY $125!!

10 Matching Kimball Walnut Skinny Desks!

ONLY $150 ea!!

- Regular Computer Desks -

Mahogany Kimball Traditional Executive Desk!

ONLY $250!!

New & used office furniture

3 Matching Cherry Alera Computer Tables! (Match above)

ONLY $100 ea!!

2 Matching Mahogany Skinny Desks!

ONLY $150 ea!!

4 Matching National Mahogany Skinny Desks!

ONLY $150 ea!!